Privacy Policy

Welcome to David Shaw Informatique Sàrl

Update the 11.04.2024

We prioritize the protection and privacy of your personal data. The subsequent clauses lay down the parameters on how David Shaw Informatique Sàrl collects, processes, and manages your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

This Privacy Policy is applicable to and all its representations, inclusive but not limited to its subdomains and affiliated sites

The following typologies of personal data may be collected:

  • Identity Data
    Comprising given name, surname, company denomination, username, or similar identifiers
  • Contact Data
    Pertaining to email coordinates, billing address, and telecommunication numbers
  • Financial Data
    Details related to banking, payment card, and other pecuniary information
  • Technical Data
    Such as Internet Protocol addresses, login specifications, and device-related information
  • Transactional Data
    Records of transactions and payments made on the platform
  • Usage Data
    Data reflecting your engagement with our platform and services

The following typologies of personal data may be collected:

  • To onboard you as a new user or enterprise
  • To administer and finalize your transactions and invoices
  • To preserve and cultivate our ongoing relationship, inclusive of updates regarding our terms or policy changes
  • To avail the chat functionality and endorse interactions among users and enterprises
  • To maintain an archival system of your accounting notations
  • To proffer third-party access to your accounting information with your explicit assent

Several components of our platform mandate the collection of your data for payment processing, transactional records, and to offer an accurate depiction of your financial stance

David Shaw Informatique Sàrl will hold onto your personal data exclusively for the duration required to satisfy its initial collection purposes:

Under GDPR, you are endowed with:

  • The right to inquire about your personal data
  • The right to rectification of any discrepancies
  • The right to deletion of your data
  • The right to contest data processing
  • The right to restrict the processing of your personal data
  • The right to data portability

Furthermore, we have implemented functionalities for you to download your data or to eradicate your account:

David Shaw Informatique Sàrl guarantees the non-disclosure of your financial or customer-specific data to third entities, barring your explicit authorization.

Corporations can grant access to their accounting records to third-party entities for auditing purposes.

It remains incumbent upon said corporations to vet the credibility of these third-party entities.

Users and corporations are vested with the autonomy to delineate the accessibility of their data.

It is their imperative to ensure judicious management of access privileges.

David Shaw Informatique Sàrl disclaims liability for any repercussions arising out of the user's or corporation's discretion or misjudgment concerning data access.

David Shaw Informatique Sàrl retains the right to revise this policy periodically. Relevant stakeholders will be duly informed of substantive alterations.

For clarifications or grievances regarding this privacy policy or associated data protection concerns, reach out to the Data Protection Officer at David Shaw Informatique Sàrl.